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Getting to and from appointments

The Freemasons Cancer Car Program is suspended until further notice. CCS is working with the Program to monitor COVID risk and will relaunch once it is safe to do so. Until then, we encourage clients to use their own personal network for travel if they can.

  • Public transit is now free.
  • Cancer patients who are seniors can call 211 for assistance from Better at Home, which is authorized to provide transportation services.
  • Cancer patients needing a ride to treatment in Vancouver can call the CCS lodge at 604-879-9131. CCS staff will help you with a discount code from Lyft.

Getting to and from cancer-related medical appointments can be hard. We’re here to help Canadians who are living with cancer access these vital appointments.

Freemasons’ Cancer Car Program

In partnership with the Freemasons of British Columbia and Yukon, we operate the Freemasons’ Cancer Car Program across BC. Volunteer drivers give people with cancer rides to and from their appointments. A driver can pick you up at home and take you to a treatment centre and back again. If you are coming from out of town for treatment, they can also pick you up from the airport, ferry terminal or bus station and take you to one of our lodges or other places to stay near the cancer clinic.

Find out where this program operates.

Travel Treatment Fund

You may be able to apply for our travel treatment fund. This fund offers financial help to reduce the cost of getting to and from your appointments.

Find out if you are eligible to apply.



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Investing to reduce cancer burden

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Last year CCS funded $40 million in cancer research, thanks to our donors. Discover how you can help reduce the burden of cancer.

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