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Financial help

We are still available to help you with the costs of travel to cancer treatment.

  • Are you eligible?

    Travel Treatment Fund

    The Travel Treatment Fund offers financial help toward the cost of getting to and from your appointments. You may apply to the fund if:
    • you have to travel more than 200 km from home to the treatment centre


    • you have 10 or more treatments within a given year at a treatment centre that is less than 200 km from home

    You may not apply to the fund if you already have coverage for travel and accommodations through the following programs:

    • BC Employment and Assistance (i.e., Social Assistance )
    • BC Assistance for Persons with Disabilities (i.e., PWD)
    Tel: 1-866-866-0800
    • Veterans Affairs Canada
    Tel: 1-866-522-2122
    • First Nations and Inuit Health (i.e., Non-Insured Health Benefits)
    Tel: 1-800-317-7878
    • Extended health benefits and disability insurance
    * contact information specific to each plan

    Depending on the distance you must travel to cancer treatment, CCS offers different levels of travel allowance per year.

    If you are eligible for the fund, you will receive your money once a year. When the payment is issued depends on when you applied to the fund. The cheque or direct deposit must be issued to the person who applied to the fund, with one exception if the client is a child we can issue the payment to the adult guardian.

    To learn more about what you may be eligible for, please call our Cancer Information Service.

    Financial Support Drug Program

    Through our partnership with BC Cancer, we can help to cover some of the costs of prescription medicines that manage your symptoms related to cancer treatment. This program is available to low-income households.

    Eligibility criteria for a low-income household

    Family unit includes the person who has cancer and any family members who live at the same address.

     Family Unit
     Gross Annual Income
    Single Person
    Less than $25,338
     2 people
    Less than $31,544
     3 people Less than $38,780
     4 people
    Less than $47,084
     5 people Less than $53,402
     6 people Less than $60,228
     7 or more people
    Less than $67,055


  • To apply for financial support

    To apply for the Travel Treatment Fund or Financial Support Drug Program, ask someone on your healthcare team help you fill out this application form.

    Once completed, your form can be sent by fax, or e-mail to the following:

    Travel Treatment Fund
    Canadian Cancer Society

    Phone number: 1 888 939-3333
    Fax number: 1 888 675-6507



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