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6 great benefits of quitting smoking

  1. Your life will be easier

  2. Being a smoker is hard work. With so many restrictions on smoking in public places, you have to plan ahead and sneak away to have a cigarette. Not being able to have a cigarette when you want one can make you irritable, taking the fun out of everyday events. And sneaking out of social and family activities can put a strain on relationships. You’ll be surprised how freeing it is to be smoke-free!

  3. You’ll save money.

  4. Smoking is expensive. Put the money you would have spent on cigarettes toward something that really makes you happy, whatever that may be!

  5. It will be easier to exercise.

  6. Playing a sport, going to the gym or just living an active life is much easier when you quit smoking.

    A smoker’s heart has a harder time keeping up with the demands of exercise, so your body wastes a lot of heartbeats just trying to keep up during exercise. Smoking also affects your lung capacity, your ability to gain and maintain muscle and your overall energy level.

    If you’d like to be more active and go smoke-free, visit Run to Quit, a program that combines quitting smoking and learning to walk or run 5 km.

  7. You’ll be a better role model for the young people in your life.

  8. The last thing most smokers want is to “inspire” a young person to take up smoking. And most kids today are learning the risks of smoking at a young age, so it’s confusing and upsetting when they see a loved one light up. Going smoke-free will show the young people in your life how strong you are to beat an addiction.

  9. Your body, hair, clothes, home and car will smell better – and be healthier.

  10. Most smokers learn to live with the unpleasant odor of cigarette smoke. But second-hand smoke also travels through the air, landing on carpets, furniture, hair and clothing, and becomes third-hand smoke. Living with that is a little like wearing a thin layer of toxic chemicals all the time. When you quit smoking, you can enjoy the fresh scent of regular life and the knowledge that your home is safer for family, friends and pets too.

  11. Your family and friends will also benefit.

  12. If your loved ones worry about your health because you smoke, they’ll be happy when you quit. You’ll be helping them be healthier too – by not exposing them to second-hand smoke.

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