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A day in the life of eating well at work edition

It can be tricky to eat well when you’ve got a busy day at work. The key is to plan ahead by packing a healthy lunch and snacks to keep you going all day long. If you’re eating out, make healthy choices that will elevate your workday, not bring it to a sleepy halt. And drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  • yogurt with a piece of fruit or topped with nuts and seeds
  • oatmeal and fresh fruit
  • whole grain cereals with milk
  • whole grain toast or mini-bagels with a nut butter or fruit spread

Meals that are high in calories and fat can make you feel sluggish. To avoid an afternoon slump, choose satisfying lunches that energize you instead of dragging you down.

  • lean meat or vegetarian sandwich and vegetable-based soups or broths
  • salads with a protein like tuna, hard-boiled egg or grilled meat with vinaigrette dressing on the side
  • open-faced sandwiches or wraps using whole grain bread
  • rice bowl with vegetables and lean meat
  • leftover pasta, stew, curry, stir-fry or other meal from the night before

Boost your energy level with regular fuel throughout the day.

  • vegetable sticks and whole wheat pita with hummus, tzatziki or black bean dip
  • fresh fruit and granola
  • plain popcorn
  • unsalted trail mix
  • whole grain snack bars
If you're attending a conference or catered meeting
  • Avoid doughnuts, monster muffins and large cookies. Choose fresh fruit or a lower-fat yogurt instead.
  • Avoid ready-made salads with lots of dressing or mayonnaise. Choose leafy greens with a lower-fat dressing or vinaigrette on the side.
  • Choose water instead of pop and sugary drinks. Drinking water is important for your body to work properly.
  • Use milk in your tea or coffee instead of cream.
  • Don’t eat just for the sake of eating or to fill the time at breaks. If you’re not hungry, get active rather than having a snack.

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