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12 eating habits you can change right now

Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to overhaul their diet entirely or someone who likes to make small, gradual changes, these habits will help you eat well now and in the future.

Follow Canada’s Food Guide. Take a tour of Canada’s Food Guide, learn what and how you should eat each day and get ideas for healthy ways to tweak your diet.

Eat regular meals. Skipping a meal – especially breakfast – can lead to overeating throughout the day. It’s hard to make healthy choices when you’re starving!

Rethink your plate. Fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter with whole grain foods and a quarter with protein foods.

Cut back on portion size. If your portions are a reasonable size, it will be easier for you to eat what you want but still stay healthy.

Use smaller dishes. Believe it or not, using a smaller plate gives your brain the impression that you’re eating your “normal” amount of food..

Serve everything you eat in a dish – especially snacks. You are much more likely to overeat if you’re eating out of the box or bag.

Add 1 more veggie to every meal. Add a side salad at lunch or try vegetable sticks with a low-fat dip. At dinner, make sure at least half your plate is veggies.

Plan your meals for the whole week. You’ll save money on your grocery bill and have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re eating for every meal and snack. No more mindless or desperate food choices!

Read the nutrition labels of packaged foods to help you decide what to put in your grocery cart. Watch out for salt, sugar and saturated or trans fats.

Don’t eat while watching TV or in front of the computer. It’s easy to lose track of how much we’re eating when we munch mindlessly. If you really need a snack while you enjoy your favourite show, make it a plate of vegetables or fruit.

Make smart adjustments to your restaurant meals. Ideas include:

  • Ask for salad or steamed veggies instead of fries.
  • Have sparkling water instead of a sugary drink.
  • Choose a tomato-based pasta sauce over one that has cream.
  • Enjoy a garden salad instead of a Caesar salad.
  • Ask for dressing and condiments on the side.

Slow down and enjoy every bite. Fun fact: it takes 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that your stomach is full. Think of how much food you could eat (or not) in that time!

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