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Ways to volunteer

The Canadian Cancer Society’s strongest asset is our dedicated volunteers. By offering the most meaningful opportunities for you to make the biggest difference as a volunteer, we’re having more impact, against more cancers, in more communities, than any other cancer charity.

To get the most out of your volunteer experience we encourage you to pursue your interests, challenge yourself by trying new activities and get connected with others. You can choose from volunteer opportunities in a variety of areas that can match your skills, interests and availability.

We offer a flexible range of ways to become involved, no matter how much time you have or the skills you are looking to share. Our volunteer opportunities include fundraising activities, health promotion, advocating for prevention, supporting people with cancer, office support and leadership roles.

Choose from among several functions with differing responsibility levels that focus on your talent, your expertise and your availabilities:

  • Fundraising

    Work in a team and gather funds for cancer research and the services provided to people living with cancer.

    Do you like sales and contact with the public?

    Participate in the sale of fresh daffodils which usually take place on the last weekend in March. Roles such as those of Sales Reps in Points-of-Sale, Flower Arrangement Advisors, Delivery Specialists and Point-of-Sale Managers are just waiting for you! Commitment: Sales Rep, Advisor and Delivery Specialist: from one to four days near the end of March. Manager: 1 day per week for two to three months from January to March.

    Are you a talented organizer? Are you interested in marketing, networking and business development? Get involved in the Relay For Life as a participant or on the Organizing Committee. With its Quebec start in 2001, the Relay For Life has become the Canadian Cancer Society’s flagship event. Its revenues represent 40% of annual anticipated fundraising for our organization. Commitment: As a member of the Organizing Committee: from January to June an average of 3-5 hours per week.

    Does fine cuisine get you salivating? Be an ambassador and handle ticket sales for gastronomic meals that give donating guests an unforgettable experience, thanks to the participation of the best Chefs from throughout Quebec. Commitment: Variable, usually from September to December.

    So you like dogs? Why not get involved in the organization of the Paws-for-Hope event, a unique and enjoyable family activity that raises funds for the fight against cancer alongside man’s best friend. Commitment: Variable.
    You are a born entrepreneur and you’d like to set up a fundraising event your way? Please organize an event with the help of a Canadian Cancer Society Development Officer. Commitment: Variable based on the project.

    You take up sporting challenges and you want to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society? Your regional office could supply you with some official material that could be very useful. Commitment: Variable based on the project.

  • Support and Information

    Use your interpersonal skills to help people face cancer and improve their quality of life before, during and after the illness.

    You like group dynamics, an environment where learning is valued and surpassing yourself? Collaborate as a co-leader or manager of logistics for support groups and workshops on visualization and art expression that take place in your region. Commitment: One day per week for 20 weeks.

    You like helping others, are autonomous and have an ability to lead? Be one of the people in charge of a service centre which is an extension of a Regional Office that provides support services in more isolated regions and which, when needed, lead the clientele to the Cancer Information Service. Commitment: According to your availability.

    You like to welcome and oversee the well-being of people undergoing treatment by making their lives easier in this critical period? Become a volunteer at the Jacques-Cantin Lodge as the person responsible for welcoming, leading activities or driving people to their treatment centres. Commitment: Variable

    You are a good communicator and you like to inform people on subjects that are of interest to them? Become a Canadian Cancer Society ambassador by informing people about healthy lifestyles as well as our messages on reducing risks during shows, special events and at companies. Commitment: Variable

  • Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion

    Do the issues surrounding cancer prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyles mean something to you? Make a difference and contribute by promoting an approach oriented toward action in the fight against cancer.

    Information Activities

    Is communication easy for you?

    Why not be part of a team that provides information and documentation as part of the following three activities?

    • The Quebec Breast Cancer Screening Program
    • The 5/30 Health and Wellness Challenge
    • Interactive presentations at companies on prevention

    Commitment: Five to six hours per month based on the projects.

    Trottibus (Walking School Bus)

    You are active or wish to become so?

    You like to walk and appreciate the company of children? As a Grand-trotteur, you can be a part of the TROTTIBUS team, a walking school bus that encourages elementary school children to walk to school following a pre-determined route. Commitment: 30 minutes in the morning, two to three times per week.

    Skin cancer prevention: UV Photomaton and Sun Squads

    Do you want to reach out to youths and help them learn better habits through concrete, stimulating and innovative projects?

    Commitment: 3 to 6 hours as needed mainly between the months of March and August

    *Several positions require you to undergo training offered by the Canadian Cancer Society

    • Promotion & Volunteer Management Coordinator: help in the recruitment and management of UV intervention expert volunteers
    • Administrative Support Coordinator: be responsible for data entry, reminders, and follow-ups or other administrative tasks
    • Operations Support Coordinator: help the team on the ground with operational tasks related to the UV Photomaton
    • Activity Leader, Sun Squad*: lead activities to teach the importance of sun protection to children aged from 6 to 12 mainly in day camps and primary schools
    • Activity Leader, UV Photomaton*: lead the UV Photomaton activity and invite youths to participate
    • Media Advisor: support regional press relations activities
    • Deployment Coordinator*: help in recruitment and offer support to those who want to organize a UV Photomaton event
    • UV Intervention Expert*: interpret the results of UV photos and provide personalized sun protection advice (must be from a healthcare background)
  • Advocacy

    Advocacy is the political action wing of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). By working with governments and taking public positions, the CCS demands more effective policies and mobilizes elected leaders in the fight against cancer.

    Whether you are a politically active citizen, a person with cancer or whose cancer is in remission, or even a caregiver, you can contribute in several ways:

    • Write to newspapers and elected leaders to express your opinions;
    • Collect signatures for a petition;
    • Share your experiences as a person with cancer, caregiver, etc. with the media and elected leaders;
    • Organize mobilization activities, such as starting a Facebook page to encourage action;
    • Collate information and documents on certain issues;
    • Give lectures for the benefit of other volunteers or CCS staff.

    Start acting immediately if you want your contribution to make a big difference! Write to

    Commitment: The duration of assignments is variable.

  • Administrative Support

    Join a team and develop your skills by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society employees in their daily activities.

    Involvement : Varies depending on the task



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