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Paws for Hope

It pays to walk

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Paws for Hope is a fun and unique fundraising activity. Participate in it with your family and raise money to fight against cancer!

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Over the past 10 years, Paws for Hope events have managed to raise more than $1,000,000. This event, which brings people together, enables the Canadian Cancer Society to keep doing more: more research, more prevention and more support.

  • How can I participate?

    Dogs and masters can participate in the Paws for Hope event by calling your regional office or register online.

    A minimum of $100 must be raised for the first dog and $50 for each additional dog.

  • Where does the money go?

    Every dollar you collect through the Paws for Hope walk-o-thon allows the Canadian Cancer Society to save more lives. How?

    • Through prevention because about 4 in 10 of cancer cases can be prevented through healthy living and policies that protect the health of Canadians.
    • Through funding hundreds of innovative research projects. The Canadian Cancer Society is the leading national funder of cancer research in the country.
    • Through assistance offered to people touched by cancer so that they can concentrate on getting better and enjoy a good quality of life, in spite of the disease.
  • A bit of history...

    Created in 1993 by Nichole Laderoute, herself living with cancer, the Paws for Hope activity is a unique way to honour the dog, this lovable companion whose company is also comforting and reassuring to people living with cancer.

  • Become a volunteer

    Envie de devenir bénévole? Participate in the organization of the Paws for Hope in your region or give your time on the day of the event. Apply online to be a volunteer.

  • A sincere thank you to our provincial sponsors

    Since 2005, the Canadian Cancer Society can count on the support of a generous and faithful partner: Mondou. Go to the store nearest you to find out the various ways you can participate in the fight against cancer!



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