Our Community. Our Fight.

With 1 in 2 Canadians diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, cancer affects us all; every Canadian, in every city, across the country. But when cancer hits close to home, community matters. It is a source of strength, courage and hope.

This Daffodil Month, let’s join together to stand up for every Canadian facing cancer. Together, let’s make sure that no one in our community has to face cancer alone.

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Support for a difficult journey

When Hamilton resident Joanne Whitman was diagnosed with breast cancer, she needed to connect with people who truly understood what she was going through. She turned to our online community, where people living with cancer can share their experiences, and found the support she needed.

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Joanne Whittman

“Please support Daffodil Month. Cancer crosses all barriers – age, gender, race – so it affects us all.” - Sheila Hirsh-Kalm, cancer survivor


Driving people to their cancer treatment is a vital service. Some of our clients say we’ve saved their lives.” - Clint Williams, volunteer driver

Local research breakthrough

Some of Canada’s most promising research is happening right here in our own backyard.

Canadian Cancer Society-funded researcher Dr Mick Bhatia from McMaster University has discovered a new therapeutic approach for aggressive blood cancers, which targets the bone marrow that then kills leukemia while activating normal blood formation. This new approach has the potential to change the treatment for blood cancers and save more lives.

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Dr Mick Bhatia

No one should face cancer alone

This April, let’s come together to give hope to Canadians affected by cancer, both right here at home and nationwide.

Together, our community can make a difference. Donate today to fill Daffodil Month with hope, progress and possibility.

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