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Dr Michel Tremblay

Robert L. Noble Prize recipient in 2012

Dr Michel TremblayDr Michel Tremblay is internationally recognized for his extensive research focusing on protein tyrosine phosphates (PTPases), a family of genes that can act as cancer initiators or tumour suppressors.

Dr Tremblay has published close to 150 papers on the PTP gene family and his work has led to the establishment of two companies focused on improving treatment strategies for patients. Furthermore, his research has allowed hundreds of other scientists to develop drugs targeting this important gene family.

Dr Tremblay is a professor in the department of biochemistry and from 2000 to 2012 was the director of the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Center at McGill University.

He is a much sought after speaker at scientific meetings and has served on a number of committees, including the Advisory Council on Research, which plays a pivotal role in the stewardship of the Canadian Cancer Society’s grants and awards programs. Dr Tremblay is recognized as a highly collaborative scientist and excels at communicating his work to both scientific and public audiences.



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