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Dr Russell Jones

Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize recipient in 2014

Dr Russell JonesDr Jones is seen as an emerging leader in the fields of immunology and cancer biology. He is a world-class scholar recognized for his leadership in the field of immunometabolism research, in which he continues to generate superb work, and for his significant and prolific contributions to the area of cancer cell metabolism.

Early in his career, he made significant discoveries regarding the effects of subjecting cancer cells to different stressors, such as nutrient deprivation. Later, as an independent investigator, he co-authored an important Nature paper (2009) showing that the diabetes drug metformin showed promise as an anticancer drug. More recently, his 2013 Cell paper overturned assumptions about the behaviour of some immune system cells. In the same year, he published another important paper – this time in Cell Metabolism – that showed for the first time that the gene AMPK acted as a tumour suppressor, as had been suspected. His publications have had remarkable impact – over 6,800 citations – for someone so early in his career.

Dr Jones is known to have a generous intellect and be similarly generous with his time, as demonstrated by his commitment to peer review for several granting agencies and journals. He holds the qualities of a natural leader but at the same time is a strong team player whose presence maximizes the efficiency and quality of the work undertaken.



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