A discovery to fight childhood leukemia

Thanks to Dr Trang Hoang and her team at the Université de Montréal, we understand better why some children with leukemia have recurrences of the disease despite treatments.

Leukemia is the most widespread childhood cancer. But then, Dr Trang Hoang and her team have observed that cancer cells in this type of cancer are not all equal when it comes to chemotherapy. In fact, some of them are 10 to 20 times more resistant to these treatments than others. This may explain why some children are more prone to the recurrence of the disease. The good news? Dr Hoang and her team have also identified a chemical substance which can potentially eliminate these more resistant cells.

This research is so interesting that it’s been listed among the 10 most promising research projects funded by the Canadian Cancer Society in 2016. “The Canadian Cancer Society enabled me to leave the beaten track to gain new understanding of leukemic change, which opens the door to new therapeutic approaches,” says Dr Hoang.

Such breakthroughs are possible largely because of your participation in the Relay For Life. Your commitment enables the Canadian Cancer Society to be the national charity which funds the most cancer research in Canada.

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