“My doctor asked me to make an agonizing choice: continue with my pregnancy – knowing that I would have to undergo a mastectomy – or terminate it. My partner Manu and I chose to keep the baby.

If we were able to make this choice, it was because of people like you who supported research. Earlier, doctors often recommended the termination of pregnancy in a case like mine. But today, treatments are more adapted to specific cases and the risks better known. Research didn’t just save my life, but also my child’s.

While pregnant, I had surgery and then underwent chemotherapy treatments. At each step, I was never really worried about myself, but only thought about my baby. I was afraid that the surgery and treatments would be too difficult for him. Or rather for her. My daughter, Emma, was born on September 7, 2015 in perfect health. She was the one who gave me the strength to continue my treatments after giving birth. And now that everything is over and we’re both doing well, I’d like to make a difference in turn for everyone living with the disease.

Audrey d’Entremont Gagnon
Cancer survivor and Relay For Life participant

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$50 > helps fund an hour of research on the impact of various hormonal treatments on breast cancer.

$100 > helps raise awareness of the importance of getting mammograms among 20 women.