Thingamaboob reminds half a million women – get your mammogram!

For the eighth consecutive year, Lise Dion joins the Canadian Cancer Society to remind women of the importance of getting a mammogram for the early detection of breast cancer.

Lise Dion, spokesperson for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Thingamaboob campaign, reminds us that breast cancer is serious. It’s the cancer that affects the highest number of women in Quebec: around 6,000 each year. Unfortunately, while it responds well to treatment when detected early, only 58% of women aged between 50 and 69 participate in the PQDCS Quebec Breast Cancer Screening Program. That’s why the Canadian Cancer Society came up with the Thingamaboob to remind women of the importance of getting a mammogram every two years. The tool is so practical that more than 15,000 healthcare professionals have already used it with their patients!

Once again this year, the Canadian Cancer Society has recruited 150 volunteer ambassadors across Quebec to raise the awareness among women. Anne-Marie Lefebvre is one of them. This entrepreneur from Drummondville makes and sells prostheses and undergarments adapted for women who have had a mastectomy. “I’d really like to sell something else!” says this women in her thirties. That’s why she’s getting involved in talking about the Thingamaboob and breast cancer screening. “It was by getting a mammogram that my mother’s cancer was detected in time and she was able to keep both her breasts,” says Ms. Lefebvre.

A gift idea with a priceless message!

The Thingamaboob is a perfect stocking stuffer for those you care for. This keychain has two beads: the larger one represents the size of a cancerous lump that can be detected through a self exam and the smaller one, a lump that can be detected when a woman gets a mammogram. This reminder will be on sale at $5 apiece in Jean Coutu pharmacies across Quebec until January 9. Since 2009, more than 145,000 Thingamaboobs have found owners, generating $725,000 in proceeds for the Canadian Cancer Society. It’s an ideal gift to give all the women who are dear to you and help save more lives!