Overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis?

It’s normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis, especially when doctors don’t have the time to answer all your questions. One of the solutions is to call 1 888 939-3333. 

Diagnosis, treatments and side effects: all this raises questions for people with cancer or their loved ones. “The medical vocabulary isn’t easy to understand, especially when we’re anxious after being diagnosed with cancer,” explains Anne Plante, an oncology nurse advisor who works in Montérégie. “But as healthcare professionals, we don’t always have the time to answer all the questions patients may have. We wouldn’t be able to respond to their needs without the Canadian Cancer Society’s information service.” It can be reached through the same toll-free number across Quebec: 1 888 939-3333. It’s also possible to contact this service by email.

Accurate information on all cancers

At the other end of the line, Canadian Cancer Society specialists have been responding for the past 20 years to Quebecers struggling with cancer or their loved ones. The information that they provide is reliable and based on the most recent data updated by researchers and doctors. Mallorie used the service a few years ago: “When my father was diagnosed with cancer, I contacted the Canadian Cancer Society just to find out how much time he had left to live. The Canadian Cancer Society specialist patiently explained to me that it depended on the type of cancer, how aggressive it was, the person’s lifestyle, etc.” When the call ended, Mallorie had a much more realistic idea of this disease and what was in store for her father… who’s still alive today.

Stop asking yourself questions and ask us instead!

Recently, the Canadian Cancer Society ran a TV commercial for its information service. This clip featuring a woman with advanced breast cancer, Mei-Lin Yee, increased the number of calls by 42%! This shows that the Canadian Cancer Society’s information service really fills a need (in French).

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