A new drug on the horizon

Grandfathers, brothers, husbands: thousands of men may be saved because a new drug against advanced prostate cancer is on the verge of being developed.

Prostate cancer affects one in eight Canadian men, which makes it the most common cancer among men. Unfortunately, when it has reached an advanced stage, there are fewer options to treat it. But thanks to $1.2 million in funding from the Canadian Cancer Society, the work of Dr Robert Day could lead to a new drug shortly.

Stopping the growth of tumours

This researcher affiliated to the Université de Sherbrooke was able to interrupt the growth of tumours in lab mice by neutralizing an enzyme. This breakthrough has attracted the attention of the Center for Drug Research and Development, an organization specializing in the development of new therapies. In 2015, this organization signed an agreement with Dr Day to transform his discovery into an easy-to-administer drug. Clinical trials should begin in the fall of 2017.

“After years of research, this agreement may lead to results which will directly improve the health of patients,” says Dr Day, who just received the Mérite estrien award. “This would have been impossible without the financial support of the Canadian Cancer Society.”

“This project shows that we fund the best projects across Canada and that research centres in Quebec are at the forefront of scientific advances,” says Josée Loignon, Director of the Canadian Cancer Society’s regional office in Estrie.

Watch a TVA report (in French) to find out more about Dr Day’s discovery and the importance of research in the fight against cancer.

Photo: courtesy La Tribune, Sherbrooke

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