One story, your impact

29 September 2014

Montreal -

As part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we tell you Marie-Claude’s story, who at 37 years old, learned that she was touched by the disease. See how your donations are making a difference in the lives of women who, just like Marie-Claude, are facing breast cancer.

Finding the words

For Marie-Claude, one of the first challenges was to talk about cancer with her children. She wanted so badly to tell her angels that everything was fine but inside, she was afraid. What should she tell them? How should she tell them? Parents with cancer often need help to better understand their younger or older kids’ reactions and to better communicate with them. Inspired by Marie-Claude’s story, we published a guide to support these parents. Thanks to your donations, they now have the tools to get through this ordeal.

Disease-family balance

Being sick is a lot like a full-time job. Besides all the doctors’ appointments and treatments, you also have to deal with all the lunches, homework and dinners. What got Marie-Claude through it was the support of her family and friends. Today, the young mother is fine. Her family started living again the way they did before.

Detecting breast cancer early on

Marie-Claude was lucky. The tumour hadn’t spread and was easy to treat. Mammography is the most reliable tool for detecting breast cancer in its early stages in women aged 50-69, the group most at risk. And the sooner it is detected, the greater the odds that the treatment will be effective. That is why the Canadian Cancer Society reminds women of the importance of mammography with the Thingamaboob, a key chain that helps you remember.

A study that could save lives

For those who are less lucky than Marie-Claude, we finance researches, just like the ones of Dr Basik. He does research for women whose breast cancer has spread to other parts of their body, forming new tumours called metastases. He want to understand why these metastases are resistant to current chemotherapy drugs so that new drugs capable of destroying them can be developed. With your donations, Dr Basik may one day be able to save many more lives.

We’re all part of the solution. Thanks to your donations, we can help more people, through support, prevention or research. Together, let’s save more lives.