CCS calls on Ontario government to implement restrictions on display of vaping products

03 October 2018

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), and other health charities, are warning the Ontario government that displaying and promoting vaping products in convenience stores and gas bars will have negative effects on kids’ health, including nicotine addiction and cigarette smoking.

With an already 46% increase in vaping among youth in grades 10-12 in the past 2 years, it is expected that displaying vaping products in convenience stores will lead to more use.

“The dramatic increase in youth use of vaping products in Ontario is alarming,” says Kelly Gorman, Senior Manager, Public Issues, Canadian Cancer Society. “Ontario Government action is needed to protect youth and prevent another generation from being addicted to nicotine, including banning promotions and displays in convenience stores. Seven other provinces already have such legislation in place, with exceptions for specialty vape stores.”

CCS, Heart & Stroke, and other members of the Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco (OCAT) are alarmed by the increase in vaping among youth, and believe that unrestricted marketing of vaping products will make an already serious problem worse. More information can be found on the OCAT website.

To show support for restrictions on retail displays and promotions of vaping products visit and send a letter to your MPP.