How to move more every day in 2017

Between our desk jobs, the television, and our cell phones and tablets, our modern lifestyles can be much less active than we want. Nancy Wirtz, Senior Coordinator, Cancer Prevention at the Canadian Cancer Society has some expert tips for getting or staying more active throughout the entire year!

“It’s so important to incorporate physical activity into our daily lives,” says Nancy. “Not only will it give you more energy, you can also reduce your risk of cancer, and physical activity can actually aid in cancer treatment recovery.”

Winter can be the hardest time to get moving, so start small with these tips:

  • Take the stairs. You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s for a good reason. It can be one of the smallest tweaks that make the biggest difference in your overall health.
  • Turn a sedentary activity into a physical one. For example, when you’re talking on the phone, pace your house, or even just stand instead of sitting.
  • There is no bad weather, only bad clothing! Dress for conditions and get outside. The change of scenery will help to avoid cabin fever and the cold air will make you feel more invigorated!

The milder weather and longer days of spring makes it a bit easier to get outdoors. Put a little spring in your step by:

  • Making your social time active by encouraging your friends to join you at a fitness class or participating in another physical activity that you can both enjoy.
  • Cleaning! Believe it or not, cleaning can be a total body workout, and spring is the season to get busy! Bust out those dusting cloths and get moving!

Take advantage of beautiful days and warm summer nights by:

  • Playing outside with your kids. Not only will you be active, you’ll have an opportunity to bond as a family and make memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Swapping 30 minutes of screen time with 30 minutes of activity. Whether it’s an after dinner walk or a family bike ride, even small amounts of activity make a difference.

Fall colours and cooler temperatures practically beg you to explore the great outdoors. Try:

  • Planning a hike outside of the city to take in the beauty of nature.
  • Walking or cycling to work. If your commute is too far for those options, consider simply switching to public transit. Even walking to your stop will get you more active than jumping in your car.

This year, you CAN move more just by making small changes and using the seasons to your advantage. Make 2017 your best year yet by getting more active, reducing your risk of cancer and feeling great! For more tips on being active, click here.