Nova Scotia

National and Nova Scotia Division Honours & Awards

April 2017 -

It is with great pleasure that we share this year’s National and Nova Scotia Division Honours & Awards recipients.

Canadian Cancer Society-Nova Scotia Division congratulates volunteer and supporter, Maike Van Niekerk

November 2016 -

Maike Van Niekerk, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing student at Dalhousie University, is one of 11 students from Canada to receive the $100,000 scholarship to Oxford University.

What’s truth and what’s fiction when it comes to cancer?

February 2014 -

Today is World Cancer Day and the Canadian Cancer Society wants to help raise awareness and debunk the myths that surround this terrible disease.

Halifax Pride Get Screened Event

July 2013 -

The Canadian Cancer Society Nova Scotia Division took part in Halifax Pride Week with a “Get Screened” booth as a reminder to get regular screenings.