Breaking it off to live smoke-free

21 January 2019

Breaking the habit to live smoke-freeFor almost ten years Sarah Diotto, age 26, was an avid tobacco smoker. After becoming addicted at a young age and seeing the impact it had on her life, she was inspired to take back her health by quitting in 2016.

Sarah participated in Break It Off, a campaign run by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and Health Canada that helps young adults quit smoking and stay smoke-free.

Break It Off has a website, Facebook group and mobile app to help young adults easily access information and support them throughout their journey.

Sarah found success by changing the habits that she associated with smoking and trying new things like taking a walk or doing the dishes after dinner when a craving would hit.

“Quitting completely changed my life, both physically and socially. I would always miss opportunities and special moments while I was out smoking,” said Sarah. “I have three nephews and a niece who I love spending time with. I didn’t want smoking to take away any more special memories with them.”

Despite statistics that show smokers are 20 times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers, young adults in Canada continue to have the highest smoking rates. Traditional cessation programs don’t always resonate with young adults, which inspired CCS to develop innovative digital resources for young adults in the Break It Off program.

For Sarah, the social media engagement and online community allowed her to have open conversations about her experiences with other young adults who were trying to quit. She is now celebrating her third year smoke-free. Sarah also won a $1,000 Flight Centre gift card by completing a Break It Off trivia contest. The prize was only the icing on the cake of her rewarding journey.

CCS is committed to helping all Canadians live smoke-free to reduce their cancer risk. In addition to Break It Off, CCS operates Smoker’s Helpline in many provinces, a free and confidential quitline that supports all smokers who want to leave the pack behind.

Ready to quit? Or thinking about it? Check out the Break It Off website, Facebook or Instagram pages, or call our national quitline today at 1-866 366 3667.