Help shape the future of cancer care in only 30 minutes

14 November 2018

Doreen EdwardWhen it comes to cancer, a lot can happen in 30 minutes. Someone can have a life-changing appointment with their doctor, receive a supportive phone call from a peer or start cancer treatment. Now, thanks to the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s (the Partnership) #30MinutesThatMatter campaign, Canadians can also spend 30 minutes sharing their experiences with cancer to help modernize Canada’s cancer care plan.

The Partnership is updating the 2006 Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control and is doing so by gathering input from all Canadians via The Choicebook™, an online survey that lets Canadians identify what's most important to them and have their say on improving how cancer care is delivered. The Choicebook™ questionnaire only takes 30 minutes to complete and allows Canadians to share what’s most important to them, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and survivorship. All Canadians living with, caring for or who know someone with cancer are welcome to complete the Choicebook™ and encourage their family and friends to do it as well.

Doreen Edward knows how important taking the Choicebook™ survey can be. As a four-time cancer survivor and patient advisor working with the Partnership, Doreen has worked in the cancer care space for 17 years, supporting adolescents and young adults during their cancer journeys.

“Cancer is the biggest issue we face, with 1 in 2 Canadians directly impacted by it in their lifetime,” said Doreen. “Cancer care in Canada has changed so much over the past 17 years. The needs of patients are changing and we have to make sure their priorities are reflected in this new strategy.”

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the survey whether they have been affected by cancer or not. "We need every voice from every Canadian to share what’s important to them,” said Doreen. “We have to work together to make this cancer care strategy work for all Canadians.”

Want to do your part to change the future of cancer care in Canada? Complete The Choicebook™ here.