Revealing what’s really in your grocery bag

23 May 2018

Improving the cancer patient experience

Many of us know that eating foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fat can be harmful to our bodies, but are we aware of just how much sugar, salt and saturated fat are in some of our favourite foods?

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has been advocating for better nutrition labels on our food packages since 2014. We believe that having nutrition labels that are clear, informative and easy to understand are important in helping Canadians choose what foods to purchase and how much to eat.

"Healthy eating, along with not smoking and limiting your alcohol intake, helps prevent cancer," says Julie Kozmenuik, a dietitian with CCS. "By supporting Canadians with what to put in their grocery bag, we can help everyone make healthier food choices."

As part of Canada’s healthy eating strategy, Health Canada conducted a survey to help with the proposed approach to introduce mandatory front-of-package labelling requirements for foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fat. CCS welcomed the opportunity to contribute to this consultation.

This mandatory labelling could give quick and easy guidance to help consumers make informed choices about packaged foods or even help improve the quality of packaged foods in the long run.

To learn more about healthy eating and read some tips about developing healthy habits, visit cancer.ca.