Connecting Canadians living with cancer

24 July 2018

When Wayne Sych was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, he was left feeling isolated.

“I didn’t want to talk about my cancer,” he explains. “People don’t talk about colon cancer a lot. It’s almost as if there’s a stigma around it.”

With only a few friends and family who knew about his diagnosis, Wayne needed to find support. Thanks to your generous donations, he found it on the Canadian Cancer Society’s online community, cancerconnection.ca, where people living with cancer can connect with others on a similar journey.

“I found other people who could talk about it, and who could relate to what I was going through,” he recalls. “The support I received was informative, compassionate and, most of all, caring.”

Wayne is one of the nearly 160,000 Canadians who turned to cancerconnection.ca last year.

Cancerconnection.ca is an important resource for cancer patients to connect with others going through similar experiences, regardless of where they live.

A recent survey of community members and others who visited the site showed that two-thirds did not know anyone with a similar diagnosis prior to registering with the community, and 69% were able to gain valuable information and knowledge from others who were facing similar challenges.

Most importantly, 85% said that being a member of the cancerconnection.ca community has been a positive experience for them, with over half emphasizing that it helped them to better cope with their own cancer journey.

Wayne knows exactly how they feel.

“Thanks to Canadian Cancer Society donors like you, I found the support I needed exactly when I needed it. I’m so grateful.”