Eat well to feel well this month

Why fight with your food when you could feel fabulous from it instead?

Eating well is critical to maintaining a healthy body weight, which can reduce your risk of developing cancer. This month, check out these five simple ways to ensure your body is getting the balance and variety it needs to keep you healthy and feeling great!

1) Eat more veggies and fruit. No need to get complicated! Simply fill half of your plate with veggies and fruit at every meal. Most Canadians need to eat more vegetables and fruit, so by re-thinking your plate, you’ll ensure you’re getting enough of those critical nutrients. With small tweaks to some classic favourites, you’ll be gobbling up those greens in no time! Check out this veggie-packed marinara spaghetti squash for a delicious twist on pasta, or the ultimate veggie pizza, a fan-favourite in any household, for some inspiration to get you started!

2) Be conscious of your sugar intake. It’s hard to say goodbye to the goodies, but it is becoming increasingly clear that added sugars can be harmful to your health. Diets high in added sugar can lead to excess weight gain and obesity, which can increase the risk of cancer. Try replacing added sugars with naturally occurring sugars, like those found in fruit. These applesauce spice muffins will not only satisfy your craving for sweets, they are also high in fibre.

3) Eat a healthy breakfast. Mornings can be hectic, so many of us forego the most important meal of the day in favour of coffee or by settling for a sugary treat. Not only can this cause you to overeat later in the day, you may also make more unhealthy choices because you’re still hungry.

Fuel your body for the day ahead with a variety of nutrients and a focus on protein. The new trend of smoothie bowls can put some excitement back into breakfast! These quick and delicious breakfast bowls incorporate all of the important elements of a healthy breakfast in a convenient bowl. Get the recipe here. If you’re more interested in a savory breakfast, this avocado breakfast bruschetta is sure to get your day started on the right foot.

4) Be prepared. It can be so easy to reach for an unhealthy snack when you’re crunched for time or stressed out. To combat that temptation, be prepared! Try to plan your meals (and snacks!) for the week and put aside some time for food prep to set yourself up for success. Weekday lunches can be especially tricky, but with recipes like kale brown rice butternut squash salad and chicken and brussel sprout salad, lunch will quickly become your favourite meal of the day!

5) Keep a food diary. Even the healthiest eater will have moments of temptation. By tracking what you eat, you will remain conscious of your portion sizes and frequency so you can still treat yourself without sabotaging your efforts. If your portions are a reasonable size, it will be easier to eat what you want but still stay healthy.

Remember to eat slowly and savor your food! This helps you recognize what you ate and gives your brain some time to get the message that your stomach is full.

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. By incorporating these 5 goals into your routine throughout the month of March, they will become habits in no time! For more tips on nutrition and eating well, please click here.

For those currently undergoing cancer treatment, you can find recipes to help you eat good meals without too much effort in the Eat well when you have cancer section of our website.