Unveiling the newest cancer research

Exciting innovations are constantly changing how we interact with the world, and when it comes to fighting cancer, breakthroughs in science are making a world of difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families. Cancer research has never shown more promise.

With research and treatment rapidly evolving, the need to keep patients and their families informed about the latest advances in treatment has never been greater. Research Horizons, the Canadian Cancer Society’s new online resource, generously supported by Merck Canada, focuses on sharing and translating information about emerging cancer research.

For example, could smartphones be used to detect skin cancer? What about using a simple blood test to learn if cancer will spread? What is immunotherapy and why does everyone keep talking about it?

This unique information portal will provide Canadians with the most up-to-date information about promising cancer research and treatments. For Laura Crane, who is currently going through treatment for melanoma that has spread to her lymph nodes, access to new research and scientific breakthroughs are giving her hope.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, we did extensive research about treatment options before we actively pursued the clinical trial that I’m now in,” she says. “Trials are the cutting edge of cancer treatment and I wanted to be part of a movement that is looking for a way forward.”

With an almost 40% increase in the number of cancer cases in Canada expected in the next 15 years, Canadians will need to know more about emerging cancer research and their treatment options.

“Research Horizons is part of my weekly reading to keep myself informed about the newest cancer research,” says Laura. “The content of the site is current, and Research Horizons has done a great job of combining engaging visuals with easy to read and understand articles. The articles on the site provide just the right amount of scientific content and presents it in a way that makes it easy to understand.”

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