The heat is on this Daffodil Month

It’s not just the weather heating up this April during Daffodil Month. Thanks to committed groups of firefighters across the country, the heat is on in the fight against cancer too!

Whether they are out in groups selling daffodil pins, or they’re organizing fundraising events, more firefighters than ever are supporting the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month and the fight against cancer.

Andrew Vaughan, from Toronto Fire explains, “Cancer is such a prevalent disease that affects almost everyone, but especially first responders,” he says. “More firefighters die of cancer than from any other job hazard. There are currently 14 different types of occupational cancers recognized, so it’s a cause that’s very personal to us.” 

In Alberta, firefighters have organized Fire Up The Fight, a head shave event taking place on April 9th in both Edmonton and Calgary. With the competition heating up between the two cities, firefighters and members of the community are invited to sign up to participate and represent their city.

But the competition doesn’t end there. “If there’s a way to compete, firefighters will find it,” laughs Andrew. “When we’re out selling Daffodil pins, there’s always friendly competition about who will raise the most money.”

This April, join the dedicated firefighters across the country who are coming together to support the fight against cancer and have a blast! There are so many ways to get involved in Daffodil Month:

For more information on Daffodil Month, click here.