Love is in the (clean) air

After having been friends for over 10 years, Chelsea finally mustered up the courage to ask Ryan on a date. As they sat beside each other in a darkened movie theatre, fighting back butterflies and nerves, they realized that their friendship had formed the base of a blooming romance.

Years later, Ryan and Chelsea, though deeply in love, were struggling with their shared addiction: both smokers, they had unconsciously been enabling each other’s addiction and they had enough. Watch their story (and the surprise ending!) below.


This Valentine's Day, consider creating healthy habits with your partner. Whether it's getting active, eating healthier, or quitting smoking, bonding over your shared goals will not only make your relationship stronger, but will reduce your risk of cancer and keep you healthy together!

As for Ryan and Chelsea, they have been smoke-free since May, 2016 thanks to Run to Quit. The Run to Quit program is a partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society and Running Room Inc. and has been proven to help people cope with discomfort and cravings through its simple step-by-step approach to cutting down and quitting smoking. Thanks to support from official Quit Partners NICORETTE® and NICODERM®, and all participants receive a discount product coupon to support them in their quit journey. To learn more or register, click here.