Eat more fibre

Why fibre? Not only does it help your digestive system work well, it also protects against colorectal cancer and may reduce your risk of other cancers too, because fibre can help you have a healthy body weight.

It’s easy to add more fibre into your diet! Here are 5 simple ways:
  • Add fruit where you can. Try putting berries in your morning yogurt or replacing your afternoon snack with an apple. You lose fibre from fruits and vegetables when they are processed into juice, and many juices contain added sugars, so stick to eating, rather than drinking them.
  • Vegetables are also a great source of fibre. Pack some extras into pasta, eggs and casseroles.
  • Replace white bread with whole grain – that works for wraps, pitas, crackers and pasta too!
  • Leave edible skins on your fruits and veggies. Believe it or not, in vegetables like potatoes, the skin is packed with fibre!
  • Add nuts, seeds or beans to your favourite salad.