How to make a difference in under 10 minutes

Getting involved in Daffodil Month has never been easier (or more fun!) This April, rally the troops at work because it’s time to Paint Your Workplace Yellow!

Francine Negre-Laroche , Senior Coordinator of Community Campaigns at the Canadian Cancer Society, has been helping workplaces fundraise for the past 9 years and is an expert in finding the best fundraising method for each company she works with. “Your organization can get involved in any way you want,” explains Francine. “Depending on the time and resources you have available, you can participate in anything from engaging team-building activities to simple options that will only take a few minutes of your time.”

A small amount of time and a willingness to have fun are all you need! Francine has compiled some possible activities that ensure your workplace makes a difference this month.

If you have 5 minutes contact your local community office and ask for a box of daffodil pins to place on your counter or reception desk to collect donations.

If you have 10 minutes – request a garden poster to display in your office. Your coworkers can buy daffodil stickers in honour of their friends and loved ones who are affected by cancer to place in the garden. Your colleagues will come together throughout April as they watch the garden grow.

If you have 30 minutes - Take a page out of Jamieson Vitamins’ book and organize a Dress Down Daffodil Friday! Sean Whelan, Assistant Brand Manager at Jamieson and passionate Canadian Cancer Society supporter is encouraging his coworkers to dress casually in yellow on the last Friday of the month in exchange for donations. “Everyone has been affected by cancer in some way,” he explains. “We want to raise awareness and help in the fight - as a corporate sponsor, by participating in Relay For Life and by fundraising ourselves at a grassroots level.”

If you have 30+ minutes – the sky is the limit! Consider an office snack cart, hosting a fun event at lunch, or get the whole office involved by creating teams to compete and see who can raise the most money. This April, bring your coworkers together to have fun and save lives. Your support will ensure this Daffodil Month is the best yet!