Commitment to improve palliative and home care services

18 March 2016

Regina -

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March 18, 2016


Commitment to improve palliative and home care services



The Canadian Cancer Society supports provincial actions to improve palliative and hospice care, as proposed today by NDP leader Cam Broten. If implemented, the commitment would result in the recruitment of six more palliative care specialists, a tripling of the number of hospice spaces, and expansion of palliative home care services, which together would allow more people to die with dignity, free of pain and in a setting of their choice.

“Palliative care can really improve the quality of life by controlling pain and having symptoms managed by a health professional. It also has the potential to reduce healthcare costs by keeping people out of hospital emergency rooms,” says Donna Ziegler, Director, Cancer Control, Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan. “This would be a welcome step forward, and we continue to urge all parties to make homecare – and healthcare generally – a priority.”

The Society is also encouraged by actions proposed to reduce inter-hospital ambulatory costs, reduce emergency wait times and improved efforts to treat people at home.

The Society is calling on all parties to make health a priority in the 2016 election campaign, and to support policies that will contribute to the eradication of cancer, the sustainability of our health systems and enhanced quality of life for people who have cancer and their families.

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