Factsheet published by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec Electronic cigarettes are easily available and popular among youths, both smokers and non-smokers

November 2014 - Not only more than a third of students in Secondary 2 have smoked electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), but nearly half of all secondary school students who have used it (46 %) don’t exclude trying out conventional cigarettes (with tobacco).

More than 600,000 Quebec women now get a mammogram every 2 years - The Canadian Cancer Society’s Thingamaboob is back to remind women of the importance of breast cancer screening

November 2014 - The CCS launched it’s 6th Thingamaboob campaign, an annual event that uses an educational keychain to raise awareness on the importance of breast cancer screening.

Flavoured tobacco products continue to be popular among high school students in Quebec: “The government can no longer delay a ban on flavoured tobacco products”

September 2014 - The majority (58%) of Quebec youth (from the final year of primary school to Secondary 5) who used tobacco products in the previous 30 days had used flavoured products.

Bringing cancer out of hiding - A Sherbrooke researcher funded by the Canadian Cancer Society removes the “cloak of invisibility” from cancer cells

September 2014 - Cancer cells could soon lose their “cloak of invisibility” through the work of Dr Subburaj Ilangumaran, an immunotherapy specialist at the Université de Sherbrooke.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s exclusive study: 5,000 children have already tried an electronic cigarette in Grade 6! One in three high school students have already smoked it (142,000 youths).

August 2014 - The CCS – Quebec Division this morning revealed the results of a study that shows the popularity of electronic cigarettes among Quebec school students.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Paws for Hope: a walk-a-thon in which each step “pays”

August 2014 - In September, more than 600 dogs and 1,200 masters and their friends are expected to participate in the CCS's four Paws for Hope fundraising walk-a-thons.

The Canadian Cancer Society strikes a “pose for the cause” - The Relay For Life raises $13,028,735 to save more lives

June 2014 - The recent organization of 89 Relay For Life events helped the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) raise $13,028,735 to save more lives.

Passage of An Act respecting end-of-life care - The Canadian Cancer Society wants more palliative care starting now

June 2014 - With a right to end-of-life care, the implementation of policies in all health care institutions, and several changes to the original bill, Quebec society is guaranteeing its people the dignity, support, and supervision required at the end of life.

World No Tobacco Day - Tobacco taxes and legislation: Quebec lagging behind

May 2014 - In Quebec, where 1.6 million people still smoke, the impact of tobacco use on the healthcare system and the community is estimated at $4 billion per year. That’s 4 times the $1 billion tax revenue generated by cigarette sales in 2013.

Canadian Cancer Statistics 2014: 126,000 deaths have been prevented in the past 25 years - Several types of cancer are in decline, except for skin cancer - In Quebec, lung cancer continues to be devastating

May 2014 - In 2014, there will be an estimated 49,100 new cancer cases in Quebec and 191,300 in Canada (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers) and 20,500 deaths from this disease in the province and 76,600 in the country.

Funding of $563,530 for two Quebec researchers - The Canadian Cancer Society believes in palliative care to enhance the quality of life of patients

May 2014 - In this National Hospice Palliative Care Week, the CCS is proud to announce two important awards made as part of its Quality of Life Research Grants program.

With just a few dollars per pay cheque… State employees and retirees have given more than half a million dollars to the CCS

April 2014 - The CCS is proud to announce that it has received nearly $640,000 from the Comité Entraide – public and parapublic sectors.

The leading cause of death in Quebec is not a top priority for political parties - The CCS is disappointed with the lack of real commitment to tackling the challenges of cancer

April 2014 - Just before the April 7 provincial elections, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is presenting a summary of political parties’ commitment to the fight against cancer. The CCS asked political parties to take a stand on four major issues.

A small flower for a great cause - The Canadian Cancer Society’s daffodils are back from April 3 to 6

April 2014 - As part of this annual campaign, the CCS will sell until Sunday a little flower for a great cause: the daffodil, a symbol of life and hope.

The Canadian Cancer Society – Quebec Division appoints new Chair and incumbent Vice-Chair

March 2014 - The CCS is happy to announce the appointment of Pierre B. Lafrenière as the Chair and Pierre Richard as the incumbent Vice-Chair of the Quebec Division’s Board of Directors.

Can exercise stop cancer? Colon cancer survivors needed for ground-breaking clinical trial

March 2014 - The CCS is encouraging colon cancer survivors to learn more about the CHALLENGE clinical trial and consider participating in it.

The Canadian Cancer Society is investing $12 million in research, $2.5 million of which is for the particularly deadly pancreatic cancer

March 2014 - Among our 10 new research funds, the Society is investing $2.5 million in pancreatic cancer, a particularly deadly cancer.

Elections 2014: Cancer, an election issue - Launch of the Canadian Cancer Society’s election microsite and questionnaire

March 2014 - For each day that goes by, the situation gets worse: 90 youths let tobacco enter their lives and 28 smokers die from smoking-related diseases.

A child’s cancer affects the whole family - International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

February 2014 - Tomorrow, February 15, Leucan and the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) will remind the public that childhood cancer is a human tragedy and a very important public health issue.

And the winner of the Dux Prize is… CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions, a company that cares about the health of its employees

February 2014 - The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), in partnership with the DUX program, would like to congratulate CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions, which has won the DUX prize in the NON-FOOD COMPANY PROJECTS category.

SPVM chief Marc Parent and 120 other police officers shave their heads to support people touched by cancer - More than $175,000 raised to help save more lives

February 2014 - The 14th edition of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Cops for Cancer took place today in the Grande-Place at Complexe Desjardins.

World Cancer Day: “Premier Marois, what are you waiting for to amend the Tobacco Act?”

February 2014 - World Cancer Day: “Premier Marois, what are you waiting for to amend the Tobacco Act?”

Electronic cigarettes: labels are not to be trusted - Test results unveiled by the Canadian Cancer Society

January 2014 - According to the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) – Quebec Division, the labelling on liquid refills for electronic cigarettes is unreliable. As part of the Quebec Tobacco-Free Week, the CCS has released a second batch of results from tests it commissioned on e-liquids.

Help prevent cancer and feel good! The Canadian Cancer Society’s tips to help you keep your resolutions

January 2014 - To apply these four rules and be active every day 1. Find your own reasons to be motivated. 2. Choose physical activities that suit you. 3. Plan them into your schedule every day. 4. Set realistic objectives.

Stop smoking, exercise more, eat better - New Year’s Resolutions that could prevent 15,000 cancer cases per year!

January 2014 - At the beginning of the year, thousands of Quebecers are going to make one or more resolutions such as giving up smoking, exercising more, eating better, or maintaining a healthy weight. This year, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) wants to support the public in its New Year’s resolutions because it has been proven that healthy lifestyle habits can reduce the cancer risk to which we are all exposed.