Canadian Cancer Society supports provincial government plans to regulate e-cigarettes and encourages action on flavoured tobacco products

02 December 2013

Halifax -

The Nova Scotia government’s recent promise to move quickly on regulations for electronic cigarettes is being applauded by the Canadian Cancer Society.

“We commend Minister Glavine on his work to keep these regulations in front of Nova Scotians. Any step towards regulating products such as e-cigarettes is a step in the right direction,” said Kelly Cull of the Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia Division. “In addition to potential upcoming e-cigarette regulations, the Society is also looking to government to regulate the use of hooka and to ban the use of flavoured tobacco products.”

With more of these products showing up more frequently in communities across Nova Scotia, the Society fears that the fight against tobacco will take two steps backwards. The regulation of these tobacco products is a key advocacy priority for the Society; particularly given that Nova Scotia youth are smoking rates are six percent higher than the national average.

“It’s important that we continue to protect people from second hand smoke through smoke free spaces, and that we don’t revert back to a time when smoking was the norm,” Cull added.

According to the results of a national survey commissioned by Propel Centre for Population Health Impact and released just last month, nearly half of all youth tobacco users in Atlantic Canada are using flavoured tobacco products.

“More concerning is that half of the high school students in the Atlantic region who used tobacco products in the previous 30 days had used flavored tobacco products. Tobacco companies have flooded the market with a wide range of candy and fruit flavoured products to lure young people and this objectionable practice must be stopped. The Nova Scotia government needs to protect our youth from all flavoured tobacco products, not just e-cigarettes,” said Cull.

This sentiment is evident in other areas of the country. This week, the government of Alberta passed two bills that will address a ban on flavours, and the use of water pipes (hooka) in indoor establishments. The Canadian Cancer Society is hoping for similar bills in Nova Scotia.

“We would like to see the Nova Scotia government ban all flavoured tobacco products including menthol cigarettes,” stated Cull. “We urge the Nova Scotia government to move swiftly and decisively to protect youth of our province from the predatory marketing practices of the tobacco industry.”

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