Society Disappointed Federal Government Voted Against Asbestos Motion

December 2012 - The Canadian Cancer Society is deeply disappointed and frustrated that amotion to protect Canadians fromasbestos was defeated in the House of Commons on December 5.

Is Your Job Making You Sick?

November 2012 - Canadian Cancer Society Study Examines the Human and Economic Toll of 44 Cancer-Causing Factors in the Workplace, From Asbestos to Diesel Fumes

Canada Needs Public Registry of Buildings Containing Asbestos

October 2012 - Majority of Canadians Say Federal Government Should Take Action

Media backgrounder for release: Canada Needs Public Registry of Buildings Containing Asbestos

October 2012 - Minimizing the risk of asbestos exposure at home

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2012 - Join the Canadian Cancer Society and our corporate partners in the fight against breast cancer

Canadian Cancer Society Applauds Federal Government for Taking a Stand Against Asbestos

September 2012 - Government announces it Will no longer oppose adding chrysotile asbestos to the Rotterdam Convention’s list of hazardous substances

“Drug holiday” will change the standard of care, reduce side effects for men with recurring prostate cancer

September 2012 - Results of a clinical trial published today in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that men with prostate cancer who are treated with intermittent courses (known as a drug holiday) of androgen-suppressing therapy will live as long as those receiving continuous therapy.

Working to Reduce the Impact of Cancer Around the World

August 2012 - Canadian Cancer Society Experts Speak at International Conference

Canadian Cancer Society Welcomes New Benefit for Families of Critically Ill Children

August 2012 - A new employment insurance benefit will help alleviate some of the financial burden associated with caring for a sick child

Scientists create first ever 3-D “pancreas in a dish”

July 2012 - Microscopic 3-D model will allow researchers to see how pancreatic cancer develops

Scientists create first ever 3-D “pancreas in a dish” Microscopic 3-D model will allow researchers to see how pancreatic cancer develops

July 2012 - Scientists in Toronto have created a tiny, living 3-D organ model of pancreatic ducts to help them conduct research on pancreatic cancer – one of the deadliest and least understood of all cancers. This innovative 3-D organ model could lead to new ways to detect and treat pancreatic cancer, which has a very poor survival rate with only about 6% of patients surviving five years after diagnosis.

More Action Needed to Address Canadian Drug Shortages

July 2012 - Canadian Cancer Society Plan Calls for Federal Government to Take Leadership Role

Quebec Government Gives Loan Guarantee to Asbestos Mine

June 2012 - Canadian Cancer Society urges government to reconsider

Canadian Cancer Society Appoints New Chair

June 2012 - The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Généreux as national chair, effective June 17, 2012. Mr Généreux, a lawyer in Montreal, will lead the Society’s national Board of Directors, composed of volunteers from across Canada.

Natural Product Found in Sea Sponges Shows Promise in Preventing Cancer-Induced Muscle Wasting

June 2012 - A chemical found in sea sponges can effectively prevent muscle wasting in mice

Federal Government Drug Shortage Report Falls Short in Protecting Patients

June 2012 - Drug shortages are a national problem, and they will not be resolved without a Canada-wide approach

Study finds link between osteoporosis and osteoporosis treatment and a reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence

June 2012 - Study one of 20 projects presented by Canadian Cancer Society-funded Clinical Trials Group at prestigious international conference

Youth cigarette smoking down, but water pipe use among teens a new concern

May 2012 - Canadian Cancer Society urges ban on all flavoured tobacco products

Researchers open door for new ways to treat aggressive form of breast cancer

May 2012 - There are currently no targeted treatments for this sub-type of cancer, which occurs more often in younger women

Canadian cancer death rate down

May 2012 - Lower smoking rates, better screening and treatment account for drop, but much more needs to be done to tackle leading cause of death in Canada

Media backgrounder: Canadian Cancer Statistics 2012

May 2012 - Canadian Cancer Statistics 2012 was released today by the Canadian Cancer Society

Media backgrounder: The Canadian Cancer Society fights tobacco

May 2012 - The Society is a leader in the fight against tobacco

Today is the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day

April 2012 - Wear a Daffodil Pin to Show Support for People with Cancer

Federal Government Significantly Cuts Anti-Tobacco Funding

April 2012 - Cuts Will Undermine Efforts to Reduce Smoking Rates and Save Lives, says Canadian Cancer Society

Join the Canadian Cancer Society and our corporate partners in the fight for life this Daffodil Month

April 2012 - With the support of our generous corporate partners, the Canadian Cancer Society is making more impact against more cancers.

Wear a Daffodil Pin to Show Support for People Living with Cancer

March 2012 - April is Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month, Daffodil Day is April 27

Canadian Cancer Society Applauds Commitment by Federal Parties to Address Drug Shortages

March 2012 - Society Welcomes Health Committee’s Investigation into Drug Shortages

Canadian Cancer Society Urges Federal Leadership on Drug Shortages

March 2012 - National Coordinated Approach Needed to Find Effective Solutions

Could “Feeding” Cancer Stop It From Spreading? Canadian Cancer Society Gives Green Light to Innovative Research Ideas

February 2012 - Society announces $4.5 million in new funding for 23 high-risk, high-reward innovation grants

New, Larger Cigarette Package Health Warnings Appearing on Store Shelves

February 2012 - Canada among countries with the largest health warnings in the world

Canadian Cancer Society Applauds New $40 Million Federal Government Caregiver Tax Credit

February 2012 - An Important First Step To Relieve Financial Burden on Families of Gravely Ill Patients

Canada’s Major Health Charities Urge Federal Government to Engage in Health Accord Negotiations

January 2012 - Eighty-five per cent of Canadians say the federal government should be an equal partner in discussions on the future of healthcare

Canadian Cancer Society applauds Ontario Superior Court ruling against tobacco industry

January 2012 - Ontario given go-ahead to sue foreign tobacco companies in $50 billion medicare lawsuit