Give the gift of life on GivingTuesday

December 2013 - Canadian Cancer Society looks to raise $7,500 during inaugural national day of charitable giving

Western Direct Insurance Quote 4 Cures Campaign raises $27,500

November 2013 - Annual campaign supports Canadian Cancer Society and the fight against women’s cancers

Canadian Cancer Society running dangerously low on volunteer drivers

October 2013 - Without more volunteers, many cancer patients in Edmonton will struggle getting to their life-saving treatment appointments

Fight women’s cancers with Quote 4 Cures

October 2013 - Western Direct Insurance joins the Canadian Cancer Society in the fight for life

Alberta falling behind on preventing skin cancer

September 2013 - Report shows Calgary and Edmonton support cancer prevention initiatives, but province needs to step up to reduce rising rates of melanoma.

Dudes: Check your nuts

September 2013 - Nuts, balls, family jewels, love spuds – whatever you call them, the Canadian Cancer Society wants to make sure guys get to know them and practice proper nutiquette

Research into preventing the spread of cancer could save more lives

August 2013 - Calgary-based researcher receives Canadian Cancer Society Innovation Grant to investigate how and why cancer cells spread to different organs

Flood disruptions extra challenge for cancer patients

June 2013 - Because of the catastrophic disruptions in southern Alberta due to flooding, the Canadian Cancer Society is stepping up its efforts to support cancer patients who need assistance.

Albertans need to know how to reduce risk of liver cancer

May 2013 - While the death rate for most major cancers continues to decline in Canada, some rarer forms of the disease are taking a more significant toll.

Partners applaud new bill protecting family caregivers in Alberta

May 2013 - Bill 203 will provide job protection for those who take time off to care for a dying family member

Ban the tobacco industry’s secret weapon

January 2013 - Flavoured tobacco ban loophole still allows for menthol – the minty-fresh flavour that makes addiction that much easier