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Travel and accommodations

Lodge phone lines are now open, so please call to book your accommodation.

To protect the safety and well-being of clients, caregivers, volunteers and staff at our lodge, we are:

  • installing plexiglass barriers in reception areas
  • taking enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures
  • screening everyone who enters and stays at the lodge for COVID-19 symptoms
  • sharing resources and instructions with staff and clients on maintaining a high level of hygiene and reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19
  • encouraging clients to bring their own masks to the lodge
  • conducting COVID-19 screening and wellness checks, including temperature checks, with all clients
  • making sure each client has their own private room and bathroom or shares a room only with their caregiver
  • ending buffet-style meals and instead serving individually wrapped meals and snacks
  • continuing to suspend activities and support programs, including wig and breast prosthesis services, until further notice
  • providing transport to and from treatments through Uber

The Jacques-Cantin Lodge offers accommodations in a calm and peaceful environment to autonomous persons who receive cancer treatments in Montreal. Special attention is paid to the needs of residents. The objective is to provide all the amenities necessary, with the warmth and comfort of home.

  • A caring team

    A team of volunteers and employees takes care of the well-being of residents. We are open 24/7 (except statutory holidays).

    Our staff members are recruited for their ability to listen and be compassionate. Residents can share their experience of cancer among themselves and benefit from numerous services offered on premises by the Canadian Cancer Society.

  • Our priority: your tranquility

    Located in a safe and peaceful neighbourhood, the Jacques-Cantin Lodge, right beside the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, offers a calm and green setting a stone’s throw away from Maisonneuve Park and the Botanical Garden.

    As the Jacques-Cantin Lodge is close to public transportation (the de L'Assomption metro station is just a few minutes away) and major roads, residents have easy access to all of Montreal’s sights. In addition, we regularly offer optional activities such as: massages, bingo, art workshops, cultural outings, etc.

    Our team prepares delicious and healthy meals on premises, which is served to you in a clean and bright dining room. Snacks are also available at any time of the day or night.

    Volunteer drivers provide transportation for residents between the Jacques-Cantin Lodge and most of the treatment centres in Montreal.

  • A space for each mood

    Residents can enjoy, as their mood dictates, a game room, library, lounge, exercise room, various TV lounges, an in-house cinema, and a patio.

  • Rates, reservations, and schedule of services

    We have a total of 29 rooms, including: 

    • 17 semi-private rooms
    • private rooms
    • 4 rooms that can sleep a resident and a companion
    Category of accommodation

    Rate per day/stay*

     Semi-private room                 $30
     Private room  $50 
     Companion**  $50 

    Rate for Quebec non-residents: on request
    Transportation to the treatment centre: $5/day

    *Our rates include a partial contribution to the Quebec Health and Social Services Ministry and the Canadian Cancer Society
    **Rate for a companion in a semi-private room

    The cost of rooms includes three meals a day and snacks. Rates are set per day of stay rather than per night. All the rates apply to Quebec residents only. For residents from outside of Quebec, please contact us for rates.

    The Jacques-Cantin Lodge is open 24/7 (except statutory holidays). Please contact us for more information.

  • Contact Information
    Jacques-Cantin Lodge 

    Canadian Cancer Society

    5151 de l’Assomption Blvd.
    Montreal (Québec) H1T 4A9

    De L'Assomption metro station

    Phone : 514 255-5151

    Fax: 514 255-2808
    Toll free : 1 888 939-3333
    E-mail :

    Plan your trip by public transportation or use the Google map tool to drive there.

  • History
    The Jacques-Cantin Lodge

    In 1990, the Canadian Cancer Society, Quebec Division, inaugurated its lodge in Montreal. In 2005, on the 15th anniversary of the building, the Quebec Division gave it a name: the Jacques-Cantin Lodge. It was a homage to Dr Jacques Cantin, an eminent surgical oncologist who dedicated his life to the cancer cause and who himself passed away from the disease. During his 30 years as a volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society, Dr Cantin held several posts, including president of the Quebec Division and subsequently, national president. Dr Cantin, who was behind the idea for such a lodge, also presided over the first Daffodil Ball, an event originally developed to raise funds for the building.

    To date, more than 8,500 people who had to leave their homes to receive radiation therapy in Montreal have benefited from the accommodations offered by the Canadian Cancer Society. This year, more than 500 people made use of this facility, which gave them the opportunity to share their experiences with people who, like them, were also living with cancer.

  • FAQ
    What do you mean by “autonomous”?

    You must be able to take care of yourself, manage your appointments, take your medications, and travel without any assistance from our staff. There are no doctors or nurses available on premises.

    What does the expression “rate per day/stay” mean?

    In accordance with our agreement with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, rates are set according to the number of days of stay, that is, each calendar day of stay, even if it is partial. This means that a resident who stays from Monday to Friday will be charged for five days. From Sunday to Friday will count as six days, regardless of the check-in or check-out time.

    When can you guarantee that I’ll have a place?

    Your reservation is only guaranteed when we call you back to confirm. This call is made on the Wednesday night of the week prior to your expected arrival.

    What are the different types of rooms that you offer?

    We have three types of rooms:

    The semi-private room is a room that you share with another same-sex resident. The room has twin beds, a divider curtain for greater privacy, and an attached bathroom with shower.

    The private room is a room that you occupy alone and has only one single bed. The room also has a sofa and a bathroom with shower, which is shared with another private room. So, two of you will be using this bathroom.

    The private room with companion is a room for you and your companion.The room has two single beds.There is an attached private bathroom with a shower and bath.

    What must I bring to the Jacques-Cantin Lodge?

    You must bring your personal belongings, your medications, and an alarm clock, if necessary. We will provide the bed linen, pillows, towels, and washcloths.

    Are there specific times for check-in and check-out?

    We ask you to arrive between 8:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. There is no specific time by which you must check out of your room. You can leave when you like, but we ask that you let the person at the reception know.

    Do you have a curfew?

    We don’t have a curfew. You are completely at liberty to go out when you want during the day or night.

    Do you have a laundry service on premises?

    We have washing machines and driers at your disposal. There is no charge for the laundry. However, we do not provide any detergent and you must bring it.

    Is a person of the opposite sex likely to share my room?

    No, we do not have any mixed rooms, except for rooms lodging a resident and his or her companion.

    Do I have to clean my room myself?

    We clean the rooms once a week. We change the sheets and towels and clean the bathroom and the room. During the rest of the week, it’s your responsibility to keep the room clean and make your bed. We provide you with the products needed for this. However, in case of an accident, we are available any time to do the necessary cleaning up.

    Do you have parking for residents?

    We have a few parking spaces reserved for short periods (20 minutes or less). Limited free parking is available in the street (you must check the parking signs). Paid parking is available next door.

    Where are meals eaten?

    We have a cafeteria on premises where meals are served at fixed times. The cafeteria is accessible all through the day for snacks, beverages, etc. Meals are prepared in the kitchen of our institution.

    Can we receive visitors during our stay?

    Visitors are welcome any time; we don’t have fixed visiting hours. But to maintain silence, we don’t allow visitors on the floors where rooms are found or inside rooms. It’s possible for you to receive visitors in the common areas of the ground floor or basement. Your visitors can also use the services in our cafeteria and eat with you for a certain fee. To reduce the risk of spreading infections to residents, we cannot allow visitors showing symptoms of the flu or any other contagious disease.

    Can a child accompany me during my stay or visit me?

    Children under 18 will not be permitted to stay at the Jacques-Cantin Lodge. To offer a calm and relaxing environment and minimize the risk of transmitting infections to residents, we do not allow underage children.

    Can we receive calls in our rooms?

    We don’t transfer outside calls directly to rooms. If someone tries to phone you and you’re not around to take the call, a message will be left for you in your personal cubbyhole.

    In case of an emergency call from medical staff, we will try to reach you directly in your room or inside the building.

    Can we use our cell phones inside the Jacques-Cantin Lodge?

    The use of a cell phone is permitted as long as respect and courtesy are shown to other residents.

    Do we have access to the Internet?

    We have free wireless access to the Internet for laptops, tablets, or smartphones everywhere inside the Jacques-Cantin Lodge, including residents’ rooms. In addition, we have computers with access to the Internet at your disposal.

    Do you organize activities or outings?

    Various activities are offered to residents, such as massages, bingo, arts and crafts workshops, evenings at the cinema; different types of outings to shows, the Montreal Casino, the Saint Joseph Oratory; a Montreal city tour, shopping trip, etc. Activities vary from one week to another depending on the availability of our volunteers.

    In addition, you can go out any time to enjoy the different activities offered in Montreal. The Olympic Stadium, Biodome, Insectarium, Planetarium, Botanical Garden, and a municipal golf course are within walking distance of the Jacques-Cantin Lodge.

    You also have easy access to public transportation (bus and metro), which facilitates your discovery of Montreal.

    What are the acceptable methods of payment?

    Payment is generally made in the evening between 7 and 9 p.m. We accept cash, cheques, debit cards (Interac), Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. You are asked to pay once a week according to your convenience. During payment, we issue a receipt which can be used when you file your tax returns (provincial and federal).

    Are we eligible for reimbursement from our insurance company?

    Some insurance companies reimburse the costs, even if we are not an institution that is a part of the health network. Please check with your insurer.

    Are there other additional costs to my accommodation?

    No, there is no other additional fee or tax to our rates. However, nominal fees may be charged for some activities.

    If I cancel my reservation, will charges be applied? Must I put down a deposit?

    No deposit is needed to make a reservation. You have no financial obligation and no cancellation fees will be applied. However, it is important to let us know as soon as possible about a cancellation so that we can take in another person looking for accommodation.

    What happens in case of an emergency?

    For any emergency, you can contact the staff of the Jacques-Cantin Lodge using the telephone in your room. Our staff members are on premises round the clock. Also, in your room, next to your bed, in the bathrooms, and all common areas, we have emergency buttons linked to a central alarm system. You just have to push one of these buttons and the staff as well as the emergency services will be alerted.

    Are you open every day, even during statutory holidays?

    No, the Jacques Cantin Lodge closes its doors during statutory holidays. So, it is not possible to stay there during that time. However, we will try to provide you with alternatives when we are closed.

    Can I extend my stay?

    Yes, even when your stay has started, you can extend its duration provided that you give the staff sufficient notice.

    Does my room have a television set?

    To maintain peace and quiet for a suitable environment to help our residents rest, our rooms are not equipped with television sets. However, there are several lounges with television sets where you can watch your favourite programs.

    Can several people stay with me at the Jacques-Cantin Lodge?

    We only allow one companion. As an exception, depending on availability, it may be possible to have more than one companion for a short period at an additional cost.

    If the person I’m accompanying is hospitalized, can I still stay at the lodge during his or her hospitalization?

    Yes, it’s possible to stay at the Jacques-Cantin Lodge even if you don’t have cancer when you accompany a loved one undergoing cancer treatment during his or her hospitalization.

    Would I be able to receive mail during my stay?

    Yes, it’s possible to receive mail when you’re staying at the Jacques-Cantin Lodge. You just have to give the following address and mark your name and room number clearly:

    Jacques-Cantin Lodge

    Canadian Cancer Society

    Your name and room number

    5151 de l’Assomption Blvd.

    Montreal (Quebec) H1T 4A9

    Please note that all letters received by the Canadian Cancer Society are automatically torn open by the postal services. So, it’s possible that your letter may be opened when you receive it.

    Are there pharmacies near the Jacques-Cantin Lodge?

    Yes, there is a Familiprix pharmacy about 125 m away and a Pharmaprix about 600 m away.



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