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Breaking Borders

We are switching to virtual (online) meetings in the spring and are still planning to have the trip in September. Check for updates and registration.

Breaking Borders is a program pioneered by Camp Quality, an international family of non-profit camps that provides summer camp programming for children affected by cancer, hematological diseases and their siblings. Breaking Borders was developed to address the young adult population of cancer survivors transitioning from pediatric care into adult follow-up clinics – the fastest growing and most underserved oncology age demographic.

This is done through a series of sessions held once a month from April to September which culminates in a final multi-day expedition or final project in September. Participants can expect to learn about project management, teamwork, responsibility, goal setting and much more. By stepping out of their comfort zone we hope participants find support amongst their fellow peers to persevere, gain self-confidence, and learn that growth occurs when we reach outside ourselves and break down borders.

This program is available to 19 to 25 year old participants living in British Columbia who have had a cancer diagnosis.

For more information or if you have questions about the program you can reach out to the Camp Goodtimes staff by email at or by phone at 604-675-7328 or check out the website



Eleanor Rudd We realize that our efforts cannot even be compared to what women face when they hear the words ... ‘you have cancer.’

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Together we can reduce the burden of cancer

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Last year, we only had the resources available to fund 40% of high-priority research projects. Imagine the impact we could have if we were able to fund 100%.

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