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Where do events happen?

BRA Day events run across Canada throughout October. To find an event in your area, click here.

Is there a cost?

BRA day events are FREE to attend.

Do I have to register to attend?

Yes, please register yourself and any guests individually. To find an event in your area, click here.

Can I bring a caregiver/friend/etc.

You are welcome to bring someone with you. Due to limited capacity, some events limit the number of guests. That information is provided on the event listing page. Guests should register separately.

Can men attend?

Yes, men are welcome to attend BRA Day but they are not allowed to enter the Show & Tell Lounge which is a private, women-only area.

I have questions related to a specific event. Who can I ask?

Please contact the event organizer listed at the bottom of the event listing page.

What if I’m interested in volunteering for BRA Day?

Each event is responsible for their own volunteers. Contact the event organizer listed at the bottom of the event listing page.

What if I cannot attend the event. How can I cancel my registration?

Please contact the event organizer listed at the bottom of the event listing page.

Who organizes BRA Day?

BRA Day is a program of the Canadian Cancer Society, a national not-for-profit organization that provides emotional support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer or at increased genetic risk for developing the disease. Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day is transforming the delivery of patient education through a unique blend of professional instruction and peer support. BRA Day events are a collaborative effort that includes plastic surgeons, plastic surgery nurse specialists, the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, corporate sponsors, breast cancer organizations and volunteers. The highlight of a BRA Day event is the Show & Tell Lounge, an innovative space where volunteers show attendees the real-life results of their breast reconstruction.

What is the Show and Tell Lounge?

The Show & Tell Lounge is a safe and comfortable environment for showing, telling, talking and connecting. Women who have had breast reconstruction volunteer to open their shirts and their hearts to share their experiences and insights. The Show & Tell Lounge is a women-only space intended to give women a realistic expectation of breast reconstruction results and provide them with a better understanding of the pros and cons of breast reconstruction.

How do you organize a BRA Day event in my city?

Become an affiliate and bring BRA Day to your community. If you are interested in starting an event in Canada, please contact

How do I learn more about becoming a sponsor for BRA Day?

For more information about national sponsorship opportunities contact

How can I donate?

Canadian Cancer Society is committed to “Closing the Loop on Breast Cancer” so that every woman who is high risk or diagnosed with breast cancer is aware of all of her options to heal. Please make a donation today so that all Canadian women have timely access to breast reconstruction education and support. Please visit, Charitable registration number: 118829803 RR 0001. When you donate to the Canadian Cancer Society, you will receive a tax receipt.

If I cannot attend an event, where can I receive support and information about breast reconstruction?

Talk to an cancer information specialist at the Canadian Cancer Society to receive support and reliable information. Call us toll-free at 1-888-939-3333.

If I have a media inquiry, who can I contact?

For all media inquiries or to arrange an interview, please contact

If I have additional questions about BRA Day, who can I contact?

For more information about BRA Day, please contact

If I am interested in starting an International Event, who can I contact?

If you are interested in starting an International event, please contact

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