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About the Event

BRA Day Objectives

EDUCATE women on their breast reconstruction options
PROVIDE an opportunity to see possible outcomes of breast reconstruction surgery
CONNECT women with others who have been through it
EMPOWER women to make the choice that’s right for them

A typical BRA Day event has 3 components:

  1. Educational Presentations – Plastic Surgeons, related health care professionals and patients educate women about their breast reconstruction options.
  2. Show & Tell Lounge – A private space where volunteers who have had breast reconstruction, open their shirts to show their results. The goal is to help women understand the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with breast reconstruction so that they may develop realistic expectations of the outcome.
  3. Exhibitor Area – A space for local mastectomy boutiques and services, pharmaceutical companies and other breast cancer support programs to promote their offerings.

Show & Tell Lounge

The Show & Tell Lounge is a safe and comfortable environment for showing, telling, talking and connecting. Women who have had breast reconstruction volunteer to open their shirts and their hearts to share their experiences and insights. The Lounge offers women an opportunity to see the real-life results of breast reconstruction and discuss the process with women who have been through it.

The Show & Tell Lounge is intended to give women a realistic expectation of breast reconstruction results and provide them with a better understanding of the pros and cons of breast reconstruction. Seeing reconstruction for the first time can be a powerful and emotional experience.

Why Bra Day matters

95% were satisfied with their overall BRA Day experience
74% had a better understanding of breast reconstruction after visiting the Show & Tell Lounge
82% felt that their questions were answered during the event
76% felt better about their options after the event

“I was sitting on the fence trying to decide if I wanted to get reconstructive surgery. After listening to all of the surgeons and meeting the amazing women at the Show and Tell lounge, I called the next day to set up the appointment, so happy that I went to this, as I am now so excited and feel so prepared. Thank you so much.”
— London BRA Day Attendee, 2017

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