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BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day is an initiative that promotes education, awareness and access for women considering post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

At a BRA Day event, leading plastic surgeons provide breast reconstruction education and are available to answer your questions. Attendees will be able to hear patient stories and connect with women who have been through it. The highlight of a BRA Day event is the Show & Tell Lounge, an innovative space where volunteers show attendees the real-life results of their breast reconstruction.

BRA Day events are held in communities across Canada in October. Click the Find an Event button below to register today.

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BRA Day was started in 2011 by Dr. Mitchell Brown, a Toronto plastic surgeon who saw the urgent need for improved breast reconstruction education, awareness and access. BRA Day was created to “Close the Loop on Breast Cancer”. The goal was to educate patients about their choice for reconstruction when undergoing mastectomy, and to ensure adequate access for reconstructive surgery. Within only two years the BRA Day movement spread to over 30 countries.

About the BRA Day logo

The BRA Day logo is a symbol that represents the breast reconstruction journey. This ribbon has a double meaning; the inner loop resembles an infinity symbol, which stands for an open-minded and broad approach to treating and reconstructing the breast cancer patient. The pink ribbon’s closed loop represents the important role of breast reconstruction in closing the loop on breast cancer. Reconstruction allows women to improve their quality of life and move forward from their journey through cancer with a renewed sense of wellbeing. Breast reconstruction helps close the loop on a woman’s experience with cancer.

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