Grant reports

Grant reports are submitted by the Principal Investigator of any funded research grant at various stages during the life of a grant. The following reports are required by CCSRI: annual progress reports, end of grant reports, and post grant reports submitted 2 years after the completion of the grant. Grant reports allow CCSRI to monitor the progress of funded projects by collecting a variety of qualitative and quantitative information regarding research findings, process, outcomes and impacts. This information is subsequently summarized and interpreted as part CCSRI’s ongoing monitoring and evaluation efforts. Additionally, information collected is shared with Canadian Cancer Society provincial and territorial divisions and is used in communicating the value and impact of funded research to donors and to the public.

The type of information collected includes:

  • description of research conducted
  • list of publications, presentations and media coverage
  • list of honours or awards received
  • description of research impacts (e.g. development of new knowledge, development of new methods, research cited in clinical guidelines, research cited in public policy material, etc.)
  • details of new collaborations formed
  • details of commercialization activity
  • details of leveraged funding
  • description of costs incurred 

Last modified on: July 7, 2015