The CCS is a member of a number of organizations that together work to help improve cancer control in Canada.

Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRA)

CCRA is an alliance of cancer research funding organizations and affiliated partners working together to enhance the overall state of cancer research funding in Canada through improved communication, cooperation and coordination.

CCRA started within the context of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control (CSCC), which represents a very broad partnership of Canada's leading cancer organizations that has worked since the late 1990s to create an inclusive, integrated and comprehensive strategy to address the increasing number of new cancer cases and cancer deaths in Canada. The coordinating council of CSCC established eight networks of experts, known as action groups, to identify key strategies and needed initiatives specific to different parts of the cancer control continuum. One of the action groups focused on research, the Research Action Group, which was first chaired by Dr. Philip Branton. Visit their website for more information.


Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC)

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is an independent organization funded by the federal government to accelerate action on cancer control for all Canadians.

CPAC is a partnership of cancer experts, charitable organizations, governments, patients and survivors, determined to bring change to the cancer control domain. They work together to stimulate generation of new knowledge and accelerate the implementation of existing knowledge about cancer control across Canada.

The Partnership evolved from the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control – a volunteer-driven coalition working to counteract the growing burden of cancer on Canadian society. The coalition drafted Canada's first national cancer control plan and advocated successfully for its funding. Visit their website for more information.


Health Charities Coalition of Canada (HCCC)

The CCS is one of 25 member organizations of the HCCC. The HCCC is dedicated to advocating for sound public policy on health issues and promoting the highest quality health research. HCCC strives for excellence in health policy and seeks to ensure that the federal government and policy makers look to the Coalition and its members for timely advice and leadership on major health issues of concern to Canadians; and that they recognize the competence, commitment and contributions of health charities in improving the health and well-being of Canadians. The HCCC was established in 2000.


International Cancer Research Portfolio (ICRP)

The International Cancer Research Portfolio, or ICRP, represents a database of information on cancer research awards of the cancer funding organizations that comprise the International Cancer Research (ICR) Partners. Created as a means for CSO Partner organizations to share information about current and ongoing cancer research, the ICRP public web site allows the public at-large to view and browse information about research supported by cancer funding organizations in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada. Canadian information is provided to IRCP by the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance, which includes the Society as a member. For more information on the ICR Partners, visit their website:


Last modified on: September 22, 2017