Nomination guidelines

The nomination deadline is Wednesday, May 29, 2019.

Note that there is a limit of one nomination per candidate per year.

Each nomination must include:

  • three (3) letters: one (1) nomination letter and two (2) reference letters from:
    • an appropriate authority from the nominee's host institution (nominator)
    • an individual from outside the host institution who can attest to the impact of the nominee’s research (referee)
    • a qualified expert in the nominee’s field who can attest to the international significance and impact of the nominee’s research program (referee)
  • a current curriculum vitae for the nominee including publications, grants held, and honours and awards

The three (3) letters should collectively contain the following information:

  • for early career investigator awards - the start date of the candidate’s independent career (those unclear about a candidate’s start date eligibility should contact CCS research staff prior to submitting a nomination)

  • a concise description of the candidate’s contributions which could be used in a public citation for the award

  • a detailed description of the candidate’s contributions to cancer research

  • if the awardee’s research has had an impact on the treatment or management of cancer, indicate the actual or potential benefits to the Canadian public

  • highlight any publications in the individual’s CV which you believe are particularly noteworthy, and provide analysis of citations to the publications where relevant

  • highlight service to the research community and/or the Canadian Cancer Society

  • awardees may be asked to function as spokespersons about the importance of cancer research to the public. The nominator should address the candidate's ability, preferably with concrete examples, to be an "ambassador" for cancer research generally, and for the Canadian Cancer Society as appropriate.

Please submit nominations by Wednesday, May 29, 2019 via the online form.


We encourage renominations where eligible. Packages are valid for up to 3 years, but must be re-submitted by completing the renomination form and providing an updated CV. Other documents may be updated as desired (to reflect new contributions). Please ensure that submissions for nominees to the early career investigator awards remain eligible within the 10 year award window (i.e. December 31, 2008).

Please submit renominations by Wednesday, May 29, 2019 via the online form.

If you need assistance, please contact:

Sherri Huys
Administrator, Grants and Programs
E-mail: sherri.huys@cancer.ca

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Last modified on: April 15, 2019