Results of the September 2016 Travel Awards competition

We are pleased to announce the results of the most recent Travel Awards competition. Below is a listing of newly awarded Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Travel Awards. 

Out of a total of 40 applications, 9 Canadian Cancer Society Travel Awards have been approved – a 23% success rate.

Funds committed to this competition have been made possible by the significant efforts of Canadian Cancer Society volunteers and donors across the country.

Please note: 
  • Amounts listed below represent the total dollars awarded.
  • The start date for these awards is December 1, 2016. 

Note Carefully:
Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listing below, this list does not constitute an "official" notification. 

Successful applicants will be informed, in writing, with an official Notification of Award giving the details pertaining to their award.

Amini, Mohammad Ali
University of Toronto
2016 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition
2016/2017 :  $2,000
Becker-Santos, Daiana
BC Cancer Research Centre
17th World Conference on Lung Cancer
2016/2017 :  $1,960
Boquiren, Virginia
The Toronto Hospital (General Division) - UHN
18th International Psycho-Oncology Society Congress: Psycho-Oncology: Science, Art & Practice - Bridging the Gap?
2016/2017 :  $2,000
Connor, Ashton
University of Toronto
American Association of Cancer Research: Colorectal Cancer: From Initiation to Outcomes
2016/2017 :  $1,874
Enfield, Katey
BC Cancer Research Centre
IASLC 17th World Conference on Lung Cancer
2016/2017 :  $1,960
Gerhold, Abigail
Université de Montréal
Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology
2016/2017 :  $2,000
Kim, TaeHyung
University of Toronto
58th ASH (American Society of Hematology) Annual Meeting & Exposition
2016/2017 :  $2,000
Samuel, Nardin
University of Toronto
AACR New Horizons in Cancer Research Conference
2016/2017 :  $2,000
Strohschein, Fay
McGill University
International Society of Geriatric Oncology 16th Annual Conference
2016/2017 :  $1,990

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