Results of the November 2017 Quality of Life Research Grants competition

We are pleased to announce the results of the most recent Qualify of Life Research Grants competition. This program has been created to support quality of life cancer research that has the potential to make a significant impact on the burden of disease in patients, survivors and caregivers. Below is a listing of newly awarded Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Quality of Life Research Grants.

4 Canadian Cancer Society Quality of Life Research Grants have been approved – 33% of all full proposals received. 40 Letters of Intent were submitted to the competition, and following a scientific review 14 of these were invited to submit full applications, and 12 were received. Grants are valued at up to $300,000 over a 3-year term. These 4 new grants represent an investment of almost $1.2 million.

Funds committed to this competition have been made possible by the significant efforts of Canadian Cancer Society volunteers and donors across the country. 

Summaries of awarded grants

Please note: 

  • Amounts listed below represent the total dollars awarded by grant year and may include funds for salaries, supplies, and/or equipment.
  • The start date for these grants is February 1, 2018.
  • Only the Principal Investigator is named in this listing. Co-Principal Investigators, Co-Applicants and/or Additional Authors may also be associated with these grants.

Note Carefully:

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listing below, this list does not constitute an "official" notification.

Successful applicants will be informed, in writing, with an official Notification of Award giving the details pertaining to their grant.

Bombard, Yvonne
St. Michael's Hospital
The health outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients receiving incidental genomic results: A randomized controlled trial
2018/2019 :  $137,883
2019/2020 :  $120,229
2020/2021 :  $41,888
Hales, Sarah
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre UHN
Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in the cancer context: a mixed methods study of patient and caregiver experience, quality of death, and bereavement morbidity
2018/2019 :  $102,407
2019/2020 :  $95,900
2020/2021 :  $99,520
Savard, Josee
Laval University
Implementation of a stepped care cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia in routine cancer care
2018/2019 :  $99,106
2019/2020 :  $99,645
2020/2021 :  $100,564
Stinson, Jennifer
The Hospital for Sick Children
The Pain Squad+ Smartphone App to support real time pain management for adolescents with cancer: a randomized controlled trial
2018/2019 :  $104,809
2019/2020 :  $107,029
2020/2021 :  $88,145

Last modified on: December 2, 2019