Results of the April 2016 Innovation to Impact Grants competition

We are pleased to announce the results of the most recent Innovation to Impact Grants competition to support the further development of successful findings based on the goals originally explored through a CCSRI Innovation Grant. Below is a listing of newly awarded Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Innovation to Impact Grants. 

Out of a total of 31 grant applications, 9 Canadian Cancer Society Innovation to Impact Grants have been approved – a 29% success rate. All grants have been awarded to a maximum budget of $450,000 with a maximum 3 year term. The 9 grants total over $4.0 million in funding over the terms of these grants. 

Funds committed to this competition have been made possible by the significant efforts of Canadian Cancer Society volunteers and donors across the country. 
We are also very pleased that all grants are being funded to their full panel recommended amounts and that no administrative decrements are being applied.

Summaries of awarded grants

Please note: 
  • Amounts listed below represent the total dollars awarded by grant year and may include funds for salaries, supplies, and/or equipment. 
  • The start date for these grants is August 1, 2016. 
  • Only the Principal Investigator is named in this listing. Co-Principal Investigators, Co-Applicants and/or Additional Authors may also be associated with these grants. 
Note Carefully: 

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listing below, this list does not constitute an "official" notification. 

Successful applicants will be informed, in writing, with an official Notification of Award giving the details pertaining to their grant.

Hoang, Trang
Université de Montréal
Targeting pre-leukemic stem cells in T acute lymphoblastic leukemia
2016/2017 :  $150,000
2017/2018 :  $150,000
2018/2019 :  $150,000
Hui, Chi-chung
The Hospital for Sick Children
Genetic mouse models of SHH medulloblastoma for molecular analysis and therapeutics
2016/2017 :  $150,000
2017/2018 :  $150,000
2018/2019 :  $150,000
Hung, Rayjean
Mount Sinai Hospital
Validating epigenetic signatures in circulating cell-free DNA for pancreatic cancer early detection and clinical outcome
2016/2017 :  $148,231
2017/2018 :  $149,997
2018/2019 :  $149,932
Husain, Amna
Mount Sinai Hospital
Building effective teams: the implementation of a web-based clinical collaboration system
2016/2017 :  $150,000
2017/2018 :  $150,000
2018/2019 :  $150,000
McBride, Heidi
Montreal Neurological Institute
Characterization of a novel mitochondrial tumour suppressor
2016/2017 :  $150,000
2017/2018 :  $150,000
2018/2019 :  $150,000
Reilly, Raymond
University of Toronto
Enhancing the effectiveness of PET theranostics for treatment of pancreatic cancer
2016/2017 :  $142,560
2017/2018 :  $141,560
2018/2019 :  $148,870
Roberge, Michel
University of British Columbia
Chemical suppressors of nonsense mutations in cancer
2016/2017 :  $150,000
2017/2018 :  $150,000
2018/2019 :  $150,000
Stambolic, Vuk
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - UHN
Insulin receptor signalling in human cancer
2016/2017 :  $149,970
2017/2018 :  $149,970
2018/2019 :  $149,970
Steidl, Christian
BC Cancer Research Centre
High-resolution architecture and clinical relevance of MYC rearrangements in aggressive B-cell lymphomas
2016/2017 :  $150,000
2017/2018 :  $149,997
2018/2019 :  $150,000

Last modified on: December 2, 2019