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Since 1947, the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (formerly the National Cancer Institute of Canada [NCIC]) has supported thousands of researchers through the administration of more than $1 billion in cancer research funding. This funding was made possible because of the Canadian Cancer Society’s longstanding commitment to research. On February 1, 2009, the Canadian Cancer Society integrated the operations of the NCIC, creating the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI).

The tremendous impact of this support is evident today as cancer patients and survivors continue to benefit from the dedication and findings of these researchers. Incidence and death rates for most major cancers are declining in Canada. In the 1940s when the Canadian Cancer Society started funding research, only about 25% of people diagnosed with cancer survived. Today the survival rate is over 60%. We now know a great deal more about what causes cancer, how it develops, how best to treat it and how we can improve the quality of life of cancer patients, survivors, families and caregivers. But there is more we need to do.

The CCSRI continues to build on the key activities of the former NCIC and fund the most promising cancer research through its excellent peer review process. The CCSRI aims to become an even stronger voice in the cancer research community, strengthening links between researchers and the public and ultimately strengthening the Society's ability to attract increased donor dollars for research that will continue to make a difference in the lives of Canadians.

In March 2010, the Society’s board of directors approved the Nationwide Strategic Plan 2010–15: The Fight for Life. Capitalizing on the Society’s history and reputation, the nationwide strategic plan builds on our strengths in programs, policy and research to advance progress in cancer control along the entire spectrum from prevention to end of life. This marks the first time that research has been fully incorporated into the Society’s strategic plan. By supporting program delivery, advocacy and research, these integrated activities allow the Canadian Cancer Society to have a greater impact in the fight against cancer.

To align with the new strategic plan, the CCSRI research program has been evaluated and redesigned to ensure we continue to fund excellent research. Our new research portfolio is more innovative, builds on our strengths as an organization and as a country, it will differentiate the Canadian Cancer Society within the cancer research environment and among cancer charities, and it will excite the public about the importance of research.

Above all, the research we fund will continue to have an impact on cancer patients and populations so that fewer Canadians face cancer, more Canadians survive cancer and there is a better quality of life for Canadians living with and beyond cancer.

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Last modified on: November 28, 2013