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7 ways to cook once and eat twice

Make double batches. Dishes like pasta sauces, stews and casseroles can be frozen and pulled out for a quick meal on a hectic weeknight.

Cook a roast on a weekend. Add vegetables to leftover meat for a stir-fry during the week.

When the barbecue is fired up, grill extra chicken breasts. You can cut them up into bite-sized chunks for wraps, tortillas, burritos or a salad.

Make more dinner. Throw in an extra handful of pasta or rice at dinner and use it for the next day’s lunch.

Keep cut vegetables and fruit in the fridge. Cut up fresh vegetables and toss them into a crisper bag. They’re great for snacking or adding to leftovers to make a quick meal. While you’ve got the cutting board out, slice fruit and fill a large bowl for the fridge. Splash on some lemon juice to keep it fresh. Dip into the bowl when having yogurt, cereal or other snacks.

Use your crockpot. Cook a whole chicken with potatoes, celery, carrots and seasonings. You’ll have ready-to-use stock and vegetables to make into soup – just add some rice or pasta.

Cook big batches with others. Gather with friends to prepare – and share – a few freezer-friendly meals together.

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