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6 ways to reduce red and processed meat in a healthy diet

Choose the leanest cuts of meat and trim any visible fat before cooking.

A serving of red meat is 85 grams (3 ounces) when cooked – smaller than a deck of cards.

Cut back.

When making a chili or stew, cut the meat quantity in half and replace it with double the amount of beans or other legumes. Make meat go further by chopping it into small pieces, buying ground meat and using smaller amounts in stir-fries, salads and pasta sauces.

Save processed meat for special occasions.

Save hot dogs for baseball games and occasional barbeques and smoked hams for holiday dinners instead of making them part of your regular diet.

Make at least one meatless dinner each week.

Choose dishes like vegetarian tacos, chili or hearty salads with legumes for a fun and filling meal without the meat.

Replace processed meat with veggie options.

Try a veggie wrap with hummus on whole grain bread for lunch instead of a sandwich with cold cuts. Make a pizza without pepperoni. Add boneless chicken chunks with lots of veggies and herbs instead.

Switch out red meat for poultry or fish more often. 

Make up the rest of your meal with vegetables and healthy grains.