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5 cooking habits that will reduce your cancer risk

Research shows that cooking meat, poultry and fish at high temperatures (frying, broiling or barbecuing) may increase your risk of cancer. Why? Cancer-causing substances are formed when meat is cooked at high heat.

Here’s how to take care when cooking meat:

Cook meat, poultry and fish at lower temperatures.

Braise, stew, steam or roast more often.

Marinate meat, poultry and fish before cooking.

Studies have shown that marinating these foods can prevent the formation of cancer-causing chemicals. Use an oil-free marinade that contains a strong acid like lemon juice or balsamic vinegar.

When barbecuing, choose lean cuts of meat, poultry and seafood.

When fat is cooked on high heat, the smoke that develops contains harmful chemicals. Reduce your exposure by trimming the fat you can see.

Barbecue slowly.

Keep food away from hot coals so that flames are less likely to char the food.

Grill vegetarian options.

Swap out the meat on the barbecue for vegetables, veggie burgers and fruit slices. Most experts agree that plant-based foods do not form cancer-causing substances when cooked at high heat.

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