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4 myths about indoor tanning

Indoor tanning is never safe. These myths can hurt you. Don’t believe them.

image of a tanning bed

“Having a tan is healthy.”

No, it’s not. Tanned skin can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. If you really want a tan, try a sunless tanning product. Don’t forget that when you’re using a fake tanning product, you still need to use sunscreen when out in the sun.

“My tan protects me from the sun.”

Nope! A tan offers almost no protection from sunlight or burning. Some tanning beds can expose you to 5 times more radiation than the sun. Getting a tan from a tanning bed doesn’t protect you from the sun – it does more harm than the sun.

“I’ll get my vitamin D by going to the tanning salon.”

Tanning beds are not a safe way to get your vitamin D. It is safer to get it from your diet and by taking vitamin supplements.

Tanning provides relief for health issues.

There are certain disorders that can be treated by UV light – for example, some skin conditions and arthritis – but treatment should only be done by a healthcare professional. For seasonal affective disorder (SAD), light therapy may be recommended. But treatment for SAD uses white light, not UV light. Indoor tanning is not recommended to treat SAD.

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